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Cost-of-living crisis

Britons cutting back on food and entertainment to keep cars on the road

Soaring petrol costs pushed inflation to its highest level for 40 years. New research has uncovered the impact of these high fuel prices on consumers as more than a third (35%) are spending less on food to keep their car on the road[1].

Funding the lifestyle you want

Get your retirement plans in motion

One of the most common concerns among those approaching retirement is whether they will have enough money to last them. A new study[1] shows that only 25% of retirees feel very confident they’ve saved enough for retirement.

It’s good to talk

More young adults are more engaged about money with their parents than past generations

When it comes to conversations about money, more and more families in Britain are opening up, new research reveals[1]. This is a significant increase from previous years, when such conversations were considered taboo.

A healthier approach to retirement wealth

Pension schemes have a critical role to play in the transition to a net zero economy

Pension schemes have a critical role to play in the transition to a net zero economy, with many schemes already assessing the impact of their investments in the context of the goals of the Paris Agreement.

Ten tips for first-time investors

Ready to get started on your investment journey?

Investing can help you grow your money faster than simply saving, but it can also be a little daunting knowing where to begin. You may think the volatile global stock markets may not be the ideal starting point for new investors, but it’s always a good time to begin investing.

When should I stop working?

How to tell whether you’re ready to retire

Do you have enough income to retire? Are you prepared for the life changes retirement will bring? Is this the right time to sell your business? Is your timing right or will your savings and investments be at risk from volatile market conditions?

Bank of grandma and grandad

Older generation using the wealth held in their property to help younger generations

It’s no secret that many younger people tend to encounter difficulties when seeking to enter the housing market for the first time. The degree to which existing homeowners are now prepared to use their own wealth to help their other family members onto the property ladder has increased notably over the last six years.

Mind the retirement gap

Four out of five workers not saving at levels which are likely to deliver an acceptable standard of living in old age

Four in five workers (16 million people) are not saving at levels which are likely to deliver an acceptable standard of living in retirement, according to new research[1] – these numbers exclude Defined Benefit pension savings.

Later-life and financial wellbeing

More than one-million over-60’s are rethinking later life plans

With people living longer lives and retirement now lasting up to several decades, the reality is that the majority of us will have to pay for later life care at some stage – whether that be for ourselves or loved ones.

Pension booster

Mistakes to avoid when you’re aiming to build your pot

Many people are feeling the pressure on their finances at the moment due to the backdrop of rising inflation and the cost-of-living soaring. In these circumstances, it can be difficult to think about your long-term finances or even contemplate saving for the future.